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comScore reports a strong finish for online holiday shopping

The last day to buy online before Christmas has passed, so comScore is closing the book on the season. The final result? $48.3 billion in revenue which is a 15% increase over the same period last year.

Things were already looking great leading up to Free Shipping Day.  Monday, Dec. 15 and Tuesday, Dec. 16 were both billion dollar days. Free Shipping Day (Thursday, Dec. 18) pushed consumers to spend $926 million online.

Total for the final week (Dec 15 – Dec 21) was $5,817 million. That’s 18% growth over the same period in 2013.

comScore chairman emeritus Gian Fulgoni says,

“This final week of online holiday shopping before Christmas was very strong, finishing off the season on a high note and virtually guaranteeing e-commerce spending will outperform our pre-season forecast. We are now running at a 15-percent growth rate in desktop e-commerce for the season, which should be taken as a very positive sign for the economic health of both the American consumer and the e-commerce channel as a whole. While the heaviest spending days of the season are now behind us, there is still about another $5 billion that will be spent over the balance of the year that will get us to new all-time highs for e-commerce.”

All-time high for e-commerce! I love the sound of that.

Here’s the comScore chart for the entire season:

ComScore Holiday 2014 Last Week

Good job, everyone!

Since this is my last post before Christmas, I thought I’d wrap up with a definitive answer on why men don’t like to wrap gifts.

According to sustainable gift wrap company Wrag Wrap, 10% of men say they have never wrapped a gift in their lives. Half of all women wrap the gifts their husbands buy and to avoid spoiling the surprise, 48% of men have the gift wrapped by someone at the shop.

Women are more likely to enjoy wrapping, they like their results and twice as many women will rewrap a gift to get it right, even if it means wasting paper.

Psychologist and life coach Cliff Arnall said:

“The evolutionary hypothesis rests on the idea of men tracking prey some distance away from their homes and being skilled, focused and successful hunters, whilst women tended to stay much closer to base preparing cooking utensils and gathering herbs for example.  The men bring the meat, the women prepare the peripherals – both are important and necessary. In terms of gift wrapping the gift is the meat, the wrapping is the peripheral.  The male perspective is all about the gift.  The female perspective is that without the carefully chosen, colour coordinated wrapping, the gift will fail to shine.”

Don’t believe in the caveman theory of wrapping? How about this?

“Scientifically, there may be an anatomical reason females are both good at wrapping gifts and enjoy doing so – it’s called the corpus callosum. This thick band of elastic tissue connects the two halves of the brain.  It’s significantly thicker in woman than men. In road terms women have the equivalent of the M4 (a US highway), men on the other hand have a little rural B road. Women simply process the incoming information more quickly and efficiently.”

I’m going with that.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Marketing Pilgrim.


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