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Efanr DF22 Smart Bracelet Watch Bluetooth Smartband Wristband Smartwatch Wristwatch with Headset Earphone Pedometer Fitness Activity Tracker for iPhone IOS Android Smartphones (Silver)

1.Turn on /off
Long press the power button to turn on the bracelet with WELCOME Letters
Long press the power button, and press the function key to turn off with GOODBYE letters
Press power key to light up the OLED screen with time display.

2.Bluetooth pairing
1)smart bracelet should be paired with smart phone for first time.
2)Press function key to find the bluetooth, and press function key again to enter the bluetooth function, active bluetooth.
3)Turn on bluetooth on smart watch, and make sure it can be searched by bluetooth devices.
4)Search an connect bluetooth name DF22 on smart phone.

3.Sync phone book
After devices pairing, press function key to switch into Phone Book function, and users can check and dial phone numbers

4.Phone calls reminding, caller ID
After devices pairing, the bracelet vibrate and display caller ID when receiving phone calls

5.Remote anti-lost
The bracelet alarms when the smart phone is 10 meters far from you, or smart phone power off.

6. If you want to use all of the health smart watch function, please download FunRun App and open FunRun activity firstly, then you can use anti-lost, looking smartphones, step track, sleep management , phone call and message notification, remote capture, ect.

Product Features

  • Slim bluetooth headset combined with smart bracelet:caller ID &answer calls&touch callback make you communicate effcientiy anywhere anytime
  • Scientific algorithms and top chip bring you HiFi sound:bluetooth headset can effectively reduce the wind noise and environmental background noise by the MIC balanced noise reduction algorithm,meanwhile introduce British CSR’ high quality Bluetooth chip
  • Move forward,perfecting yourself!record everyday motion state,including movement distance,speed,time,steps and calories etc.
  • Say goodbye to forgetting,never worry about missing the mobile.just click on the touch screen and the mobile phone rings in the effective range of bluetooth
  • Business and sports complete each other:choose your personalized business or sports style

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