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Facebook Tests Feature Letting Users Pick Pages, Friends They’d Want To See Atop News Feed

Facebook is testing a feature on mobile that allows users to select friends and pages whose posts they’d want to see atop News Feed.

For some mobile users, a box with an animated puppy shows up, prompting the user to “See more of what you love.”

From there, it leads to a screen (below) with bubbles of all of the friends and pages with whom that person has connected. People can select which pages and friends they’d like prioritized above the algorithm.

Until this test, the main way that people could ensure they see every post from a friend or page was to opt-in for notifications.

Facebook confirmed the test to SocialTimes, but did not elaborate on how this feature works:

We are always exploring new ways to improve the Facebook experience, and are currently running a small test of a feature that lets you indicate that you’d like to see posts from a specific person or Page at the top of your News Feed.

Readers: What do you think of this feature?

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