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FINALLY part 3! how to make money online (mobile affiliate marketing) step by step course

Hi guys netanel is here, the third video on how to make money online *update heres the tokens for airpush &sub1=Text1&sub2=%state%&sub3=%carrier%&sub4=%devic…

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netanel sabag says:

hi guys

im srry im not answering to all of you i want you to know that i saw all of
your comments and if some 1 needs my help my skype is netanel12366

the next video is coming soon keep tracking =) 

Expanded Apps says:

Hi – thanks for posting these videos. I’ve been trying to find someone who
has experience and will discuss mobile affiliate marketing honestly and you
are right – that is hard to find. It’s clear the experienced marketers
don’t want to share their secrets on what’s working. I’ve ran a few
campaigns but none successfully yet. Can I contact you via email or Skype
with questions?

Shaun O'Reilly says:

Hey Netanel

Can you share how you enter sub ids and post proxy using Buzzcity, along
with what offers work best using Buzzcity? or
you could email me on youtube if you want. Thanks, Shaun

John Lennon says:

HI netanel; how can make account in yeahmobi. please help me, i try 🙁
please email :

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