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Affiliate Networking

An Affiliate Network has a number of categories in which they have various offers. For example, a network may have Electronics as a category. Then under electronics various offers are provided so you can advertise them. An offer may be an Ipod or a headset. You then advertise them however you can in order to earn commission. Each offer has an affiliate link associated with it so the network can identify who ran traffic to the offer so they can pay accordingly. Commission varies based on the offer, the affiliate network, referrals, and how many products you’ve sold.

So why join an affiliate marketing network?

1. Financial freedom-Many affiliates quit their jobs in the past to make money online. Joining an affiliate marketing network allows you to advertise a product without manufacturing, shipping, or creating one. All you have to do is find someone to buy the product from you. Affiliate marketing allows individuals to no longer do traditional marketing. You dont have to go door to door or make cold calls all day. Instead, there are millions of people online typing in a keyword for a product or service, and going on a social networking site as I type!

2. The sky is the limit-You can make as much money as you want. You dont have a set salary. Some become super affiliates, making thousands a day.

However, it is no walk in the park. It takes time and dedication to effectively work online just like any other job. The difference is the opportunities are endless.

So why not join an Affiliate Marketing Network and start advertising today? Hundreds of affiliates recommend Underground Elephant, so join us and you will see what everyone is talking about!


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