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Best Affiliate Networks

Were you drawn in by the title, “Best Affiliate Network?” Well really think again. There is no best affiliate network, instead their are a number of networks that work for you depending on what you want as a marketer. It takes time to choose the right affiliate network, in fact it could take years.

Why? Well because not every affiliate network offers campaigns and offers that fits each affiliate marketer. Also, an affiliate network is pretty much made up of the Affiliate Manager. Sure a network could have a great reputation but in the end do they have a good AM? If not, then your needs arent being met at all. It would be nice to get a phone call or an email from an AM every once in a while. Or maybe get a phone call back too. I have heard of quite a few affiliate networks turning out to be horrible because they just cannot manage all their affiliates.

Bottom line, some affiliate networks are way too big. Thats right, they are TO well known which in turn make them somewhat bad. I mean I’m sure there are big affiliate networks that know how to manage their affiliates however most of them dont. Find an affiliate network that works for you.

Here are a few pointers:

1. Make sure the affiliate network you choose has offers that work for you

2. Look at the keywords each offer relates too

3. Check the long tail keywords as well which will bring quicker revenue


Check the domains available for various campaigns

These pointers will help you figure out which affiliate network to join.

I joined Underground Elephant a while ago and they have a great AM, Boone Riddle, you should check them out.


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