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The face of media has changed with the intervention of mounting marketing channels. Earlier media encompassed print, television and telemarketing. And now, as media explores its horizons, multimedia, social networks and other sites online have found a comfortable place in the world.

Today the world of Internet is optimizing the usage of online strategies and tools such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and MySpace. A new entrant into the field of social networking tools, Pinterest- is social network that is visually oriented and acts as a platform for creative marketers to reveal their authenticity and dexterity.

Pinterest has in a short time resulted in driving more sales than many other famous social networks and its best feature is that it gives way to both, B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) productions.  

With Pinterest, all businesses have wide scope. There are few guidelines one can leverage Pinterest for your internet marketing needs.  

1.  Promote your Business on Pinterest
One can promote their business on this social network in order to showcase their work visually. While most other websites use content and micro blogging as a promotional tool, here businesses and end consumers can share images and videos that eventually act as a user shared online catalogue for your business. In such a way, your Business is supported and its members can be marketed as well.

2.  Tell the world about your Products and services
Make optimal usage of Pinterest by uploading pictures of your products and services. A web designing company could upload its portfolio of designs and logos.

And a Fashion or design company could also put up images of their creations to show the world.
Not only images, but even icons and charts can be put up.

3.  Show the Slideshow
Many companies have well made PowerPoint Presentations which project the company’s profile innovatively on this visually creative social networking platform.

4.  Pin your Inforgraphics
Recently, several businesses have created inforgraphics. It has become popular in especially data rich and technical categories of industries. By pinning inforgraphics you can reveal relevant images which act as an advantage to your Business.

5.  Video Pinning
Of late, many Corporates are uploading their machinery and products/services videos on Pinterest. There are even educational videos on “Tips To”, “How To” or “Guidelines”. Along with the video, one can add a link to their Company website. This drives more traffic as well as makes potential customers aware of your Business.  

6.  A great Marketing Technique- Behind the Scenes
Your Business can develop a Board on Pinterest which states everything that happens in the Company, behind the scene. Such a move can make staff members share their boards and pictures as well. And it acts as an employee sourced marketing leverage.

7.  Pin the Events
Be it an annual or regular event, create a board and highlight the speakers and attendees. This will promote your event as the same individuals will repin and share their pictures. To enhance the effect of such a tactic, let the employees know with a follow up email.

8.  Share more and more Visuals
Pin the images from your blog articles as it makes people curious about the content posted. And a better way to spread word is by adding links as well.

9.  Pin a staff Board

Pinning pictures and sharing biodatas of staff members will highlight the skills and dexterity of the Business team you wield.

Pinterest reaches a wide audience and makes the world a smaller place by connecting one another. Marketing specialists should use multimedia to contact a wider audience and improve the chances of promoting and generating better revenue further on.


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