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1. YouTube video advertising will beat yahoo – into income.

YouTube is global English nation’s second largest search engine, higher than yahoo search market share. Talking about video, let us to an online footwear product retailers Zappos for example. The site began last year in product page placed simple video, content for the model took the simple picture, shoes shows results sales so soar 6% to 30%.

While I’m on my new book propaganda YouTube video flow sources monitoring of found, The biggest video source is not my blog, but The Huffington Post. Previously, I’ll book YouTube video and propaganda text optimized, on the Huffington Post books pages.

Due to the accurate positioning and organization, this paragraph of 50 seconds video effect immediate, this book in the amazon ranking immediately from 150 stokes to 30, now the book in the amazon all books in the first rank in stable four. We use statistical tools RankForest tracked the a sudden change.

50 seconds length was deliberate. Then, I will also editing them into 30 seconds version, put on YouTube video ads.

My YouTube video record nearly 30% of the channel from search or organic references. Through video marketing, especially in YouTube, you can open a new marketing channel, and the world’s largest English language open platform connected.

2. Email comprehensive resurrection.

Groupon have at least 15 million people in the United States the mailing list, if plus the international market, the number will more than three million. This is in direct show that really get users to allow email marketing value can be as high as 60 billion ($Google for Groupon open the bid for 60 billion).

Email address is safer than social media function of long-term investments. Think of a lot of enterprises in 2007 launched MySpace page ads. Even on Facebook, advertisers to fans send direct information is classified into the second column, the inbox almost nobody can read. While in E-mail marketing, you need not worry completely such problem. In 20 to 35 people, between their physical address change more frequently than E-mail address.

Clever marketing manager according to the email address whole life cycle of the value or a certain time to bring the retail income, social media marketing make budget.

A large retailers obtained through calculation, each email subscriber each year about $20 lead to their income. Know the figures make retailers can:

– judge an activity can bring the new email addresses and income, so as to whether attend draw or competitions scientifically judge.

– consider the company can where spending increases to expand the mailing list.

Some companies such as Intelligence can be involved in accordance with CPA (every Action costs, by the follies conference Action) mode billing. For example, if you are in New York times web site registered an account, then it will alert you “free access no.4 golf magazine!” Somebody will pay for this marketing activities, because they know that, according to the journal of life cycle of value, they can earn money.

Through each email subscriber value quantification, enterprises can in 8 months the subscription subscribers doubled. Most of these growth not from YuXinZeng marketing expenses, but will existing resources transferred to the field. This in cannot calculate that number before is unable to realize.

For example, add 50 million E-mail address, each in 2011 value for $20, This means that no increase in expenditure of cases, enterprises have made an extra 10 million dollars.

3. Big companies continue in popularity index (Vanity Metrics) waste investment.

Just because of your competitors on the Foursquare, it doesn’t mean you should also. Such decision look reasonable? But, of course, you should calculate the figures. Exposure, page hits and “participation” and other data, is the most noticeable place. Some social media consultancy success index is very reasonable (sometimes including “participation” data, etc.), but beware of metric bad service providers. Remember, in the gold rush fortune is not digging for gold, but those who sell the axe. The apple is not on Facebook advertising, Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) don’t worry about not blog propaganda apples. Apple is fine, as with other companies, confidently do their best at things.

4. Advertising and topics will bring different conversion rate.

Remember, your advertisement can have multiple different audiences. Such as American Apparel (as Apparel) company, a lot of the company’s most famous ads are put in small the publication or the pioneer website. But still have millions of people know these ads, this is because many blog say these ads very interesting, will go to write about these ads articles.

In this example, media is advertisement of direct mass audiences only indirectly audience. Public later really affected, but they are not the first goal. There’s a way to test whether become a topic advertising: if you terminate advertising, whether people would notice? Obviously, clickthrough rate cannot measure this influence.

This is why the advertisers should start monitoring people to advertise comments, and then find tracking and strengthen window method. Advertisers will bring thinking relaxing, can realize, sometimes negative comment is actually a good thing because it may mean advertisement easily touches people’s feelings.


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