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Unlike Bing and Yahoo, Google’s Organic Search Engine results is largely driven by backlinks (links from other sites pointing to yours).

In the ancient history of the Web (the 1990s), the perceived ‘wisdom’ was that you, as the Webmaster of a new website or as an Internet Marketer, would simply send a polite email or letter to another Webmaster in your niche with a more authoritative site and kindly asked her or him to put a link on their site to yours.

They then read your correspondence, were moved by your eloquent prose and promptly placed a link on their site to yours and when Google noticed (usually pretty quickly), you may have gotten a little upward bump in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Fast forward to today.

The Web is a super-busy mega expressway and if you come over and visit me on my backlinks info site, I’ll show you sites building literally millions of backlinks a year for highly competitive terms. Yes, I said millions of backlinks. Scary, huh?

But in fact, for only moderately competitive terms, I want to show you very specific backlinking tactics and strategies that I have developed such as Site Bracketing, Forum Clustering, Double Pass Backlinking and Signature Surges that will get you moving on to Page 1.


And the financial difference between having your site cemented to the bottom of Page 64 on Google and being high on Page 1 is immense.

So let me run through my fundamental principles for proven Google Page 1 Results:

[1] One keyword only per page (not site);

[2] Same anchor text for all backlinks to a specific page (yes, it doesn’t look ‘natural’ but neither does flying in a metal tube at 30,000 feet and that works pretty well too!);

[3] Make sure that your backlinks sites are not all hosted on the same IP Address (e.g.

Ning, Kickapps, Movable Type);

[4] Sustain your backlinking and don’t drop off for 3 months and expect rankings to keep going up;

[5] Make sure that your SEO fights are winnable with research BEFORE committing to a new site;

[6] Keep your ‘timetable of expectations’ realistic – 3 months is about right (this is also what SEO Godfather Aaron Wall states about backlinking timeframes);

[7] Ignore relevancy in choosing sites for your backlinks (it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference in real world testing);

[8] Remember that article directory backlinks have the LEAST value and forums have the MOST (at least in my experience);

[9] Boost the backlinks that you do create with Backlink Booster AND my rss>autoblogposting method; and,

[10] Use Forum Clusters, Site Bracketing, Signature Surges, Double Pass Backlinking and Backlink Booster (with autoblogposting!) to really supercharge your backlink power (all discussed on my backlinks site in detail).


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