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Keyword Tools

Almost everyone understands that selecting the best keywords and keyword phrases is essential to success with an AdWords campaign, but not everyone knows which tools are best for conducting keyword research. With seemingly infinite keyword options available, including long tail keyword phrases, finding the most effective keywords to deliver quality, targeted traffic to your site can be a challenge.

There are several high-tech tools you can use to help pick the best keywords for your site. Below you’ll find the scoop on the hottest keyword research tools available today. Keyword Tool Reviews…

Google Keyword Tool

This free tool is familiar to most everyone who has ever used AdWords. Google’s AdWords tool allows you to enter multiple keywords at once, and displays results for the keywords you entered as well as several suggested keywords and key phrases. This keyword tool also shows the number of searches in the previous month and the average click cost for each term.

Word Tracker

Word Tracker has a free service and a paid keyword tool that advertisers can use to conduct keyword research. The free tool is not as advanced as Google’s keyword tool, but it will allow you to cross reference the search volume for a term.

Keyword Discovery

This keyword tool is a paid service, but the cost is a worth investment for advanced AdWords experts. Keyword Discovery will allow you to compare numbers for multiple lists of keywords and key phrases so that you can target your campaign at niche groups within your target audience.


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